Fonts in branding: Does your choice of font really matter?

Fonts in branding

Let’s talk about fonts in branding. Creating an appealing and strong brand identity can be a difficult and complex task. After all there are so many elements to consider – logo, colour scheme, design, graphics and photography to mention a few. But, what about the font? Is it really that important what typography you choose for your website, business cards, banners or labels? Will it make any difference to the receiver?

Well, YES! All the visual components that make up your branding will make that all important first impression and it can either be a total knock out or a complete fiasco.

‘So, what font should i use?’, you may ask. Unfortunately there is no straight forward answer to that question. There are many factors to consider but let’s focus on the main ones.


Start by establishing what your brand is about and who your readers or customers are. If you’re creating a website for a fashion magazine your choice of typography may be different to someone who’s setting up a landing page for a funeral home.

If you’re a bank or a building society you might go for a Sans Serif font which has simple lines and a clear and modern design. As a lawyer you might prefer a more traditional Serif font due to its classy and elegant style. If you’re an artist you might want to add some personality by selecting a bolder font or a handwritten one if you’re a crafter.

Whatever typeface you decide to use make sure that it matches the personality of your brand. If you get that right you’ll create an emotional connection which will translate into more interest in your brand. According to Errol Morris’s study for the New York Times your choice of font may even have the power to make your written word more or less believable to the reader! Do you see the significance of the right fonts in branding?


Another important thing to consider is how readable your font is. All that hard work you’ve put in to creating your content may be all for nothing if your font is difficult to read. For example, some characters may look similar making the message more difficult to read and understand (1lI). Some loud and fancy fonts that have a great design may be perfect for headlines and titles but not for a block of text.

You can experiment by trying different typefaces and mixing them up. If you stumbled upon a really catchy novelty font that you really cannot resist, try matching it with a more subtle one to use for the body of text. Matching fonts is not that easy and it can go wrong, therefore, as a beginner you might prefer to stick with just one font that comes in different weights.


You don’t want your website to be a mess! It should be clean, easy to navigate and most importantly easy to read. Unless you’re an experienced designer you should stick to a maximum of two different fonts that compliment each other.

If you’re creating a business card, personalised tags or any additional promotional material for your brand make sure they all echo the design of your website. Keep it minimalistic but use the same font and colour scheme. Font consistency plays a major part in building brand identity. It’s also good practice to create a footer written in the same typeface for your business emails.


Now that you know what to consider when selecting the right typography for your brand start searching! There are plenty of websites and abundance of fonts to choose from. Once you have found your dream typeface you need to make sure that you can use it. Make sure that you have a license that allows you on commercial use, in some instances you will need to purchase such license and in some it may be free.

Below you’ll find a few picks of some stylish and modern fonts that will add class your brand. This is just to give you an idea of what sort of fonts are being used nowadays but knowing the basics you’ll be able to find your own perfect font to create your own brand identity.

Created by Antoine Pilette this font is a beautifully created fusion between Serif and Sans Serif styles. It’s a modern font with a classic twist. Perfect for headlines!

Simplifica is a superb font designed by K A I W A. The name says it all, it’s simple and classy. The slim and tall design makes it a contemporary typeface.

This is a truly versatile font, great not just for headlines and titles but also for body of text. It comes in 9 different weights which makes it a perfect choice for a website. Designed by atipo®

Another elegant font designed by atipo. Noway is a modern font with a clean design. Available in 10 styles it also comes with a set of icons.

Those are just a few examples of simple yet elegant fonts to fit in today’s branding criteria but there are vast amounts of stunning designs out there. is full of young designers who can cater to all of your design needs.

Thank you for reading our first post! We hope you enjoyed it. We will continue writing about all aspect of branding in our future posts. Feel free to comment below and let us know if there is anything specific you’d like to see in the blog.

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